Served Industries

Oil and Gas (Up-stream and Downstream)

We Specialize in Design of Mechanical Packages such as Compressor and Pump packages, Heat Exchanger Packages, Boiler Packages and Instrumentation Systems Associated with these Packages. The final output is shop fabrication drawings for these packages including the associated analysis.

Oil gas industry
power industry

Power Industry

For optimizing the emission from a Power Plant, we perform Flow Analysis for Electro Static Precipitators so as to balance the filtration load and suggest flow path modification ensuring optimal flow distribution.


Pressure transient analysis can be carried out using CFD software packages to streamline flow and reduce losses.


We specialize in design of Steam Condenser Packages to ensure energy and boiler feed water recovery.


We have performed mechanical design and optimization for Solar Charging Ports for Automotive Recharging Applications. Most of this work has been done for overseas clients.

OEM Support

Skid layout development, equipment placement, pipe routing and supporting are the basics of skid engineering. Once done, lifting analysis, load out analysis and field wind load, seismic load and piping connection load analysis is carried out to ensure robust skid performance.

Detailed Engineering of compressor packages/skids including development of detailed shop drawing for Fabrication.
Detailed engineering of boiler skids including transient studies and shop level detailed drawing for fabrication.

We use HTRI or HTFS for Thermal design of heat exchangers. Once client approves the thermal design, we carry out detailed Structural Design and Analysis using ANSYS or STAAD – PRO software tools.

Based on our extensive experience we are fully equipped for Field Failure Analysis and remedial strategy through application of technology for any heat exchanger package manufactured by any other companies.

OEM Support
Process Plants

Process Plants

Modeling and analysis of pressure vessels and systems for Process Plants such as – TEG recovery plants, Plasticizer plants and other process plants using Rotating or Static equipment.